StoplessFLY STD 275

Vertical Wind Tunnel Technical Information and Depreciation Plan

Technical Information :

*Maximum Person to Fly: 1 Instructor + 1  Flyer

* Flight Area Diameter: 275 cm

* Engine Power (Diesel): 400 kVA – 550 HP

* Fuel Consumption: 45 liters / hour

*Wind Speed : 210 km/h – 134 mph

* Noise Emission: 100 db  (insulated) 75 db

*Shipping Volume:1 x 40” HC

* Product Dimensions : Width 8.00 mt Height 2.53 mt width 2.50 mt (carcass size. It can be designed on the Truck Trailer.Middle faunus height 4 m

* Area Required for Installation: Minimum 70 m2. It should be a Concrete Floor.

*Deadline and Installation: There is a deadline of 4.5 months. The product is installed in 2 days

* Training Duration: 3 Days (When you purchase the system, your staff will receive trainer training.

*User qualifications: Under 90 kilos and over 4 years old.

*Flight Time: 2.5 minutes (World average.)

*Outfit: Special paratrooper suit, helmet and goggles. 10 sets are supplied with the system.

* Terms of use: The system can work for 365 days.

* Technical Maintenance and Service: Engine oil and filter maintenance should be done periodically every 3 months. Our technical service team provides this service.

* System operation: Depending on the place to be installed, a minimum of 2-3 personnel can operate the system.

Required Documents and System Insurance: All necessary documents of the product are available. It is sufficient to submit these documents to the place to be located and obtain permission from the municipality.

System Insurance: There is system insurance eligibility, signatures are obtained from people before use.


Our Stoplessfly Vertical Wind tunnel product has been experienced by 4000 people in Teknofest events, which were visited by 7 million people in a total of 7  provinces  . He also  took part in the opening of the Turkish Airlines training office.

*Our product is included in the Presidency of Defense Industries and NATO supplier list.

Vertical Wind Tunnel Projected Depreciation Plan:

*The envisaged depreciation plan may differ according to the socio-economic structure of the place where the product will be located. Income and expense can be revised according to advertising, brand formation and commercial ability. This plan is an example. Exchange rate and inflation balances should be taken into account.

Operating Cost Items       
Expense ItemsQuantityDaily Cost of WorkDaily Expense Average  
Fuel45 lt/hour x 2 hours120 €230 €   
Personnel2 Person90 €   
*Ground Rent OptionalDaily12 €   
Insurance + System MaintenanceDaily8 €   
Business Income Items      
Income ItemsPer PersonTotal Income Per CapitaDaily Income (40 people average)  
Flight Revenue15 €20 €800 €  
Photo Revenue5 €  
Return on Investment Calculation      
Product Price 195.000 €



286 Days
Daily Net Income  530 € 

* Calculated on the basis of 2 hours of net operation per day of our Vertical Wind Tunnel product

* In our Vertical Wind Tunnel product, a  calculation has been made based on the fact that 40 people fly per day 
* Income can also be supported with campuses such as cafeterias and sales stores at the installation site  

* Thanks to the mobility of the system, it can be rented to places such as events, festivals and openings.

*Group package lessons can be made for skydiving training.

* It  can be rented for school, university, opening and special days.

* Project design can be made according to the place to be installed.Insulation and extra clothing are not included in the price.

*Amateur users can fly on their own after a certain training . This ensures user continuity.

*It is not a closed model, it can only be used in open areas.Shipping is not included in the price.

*Diesel unit price is taken over 40 TL/liter    
*In the mobile system, the trailer is not included in the price    
*The system is guaranteed for 2 years. It is serviced and maintained every 6 months    
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